Use Online Banking or set up a Standing Order

Please choose one of the bank accounts below and use a relevant description to help us assign your donation (For example, ‘tithe’, ‘offering’, ‘CAP’ etc).

LifeSpring Ministries
Building Fund
80-11-00 80-11-00
06076754 06093837
(Tithes, Offerings and General Giving) (LifeSpring Building Project)
———— ————
———— ————
LifeSpring Global Mozambique
80-11-00 80-11-00
10279460 06077722
(Giving related to LifeSpring Global) (Father’s House of Joy and Child Sponsorship Programme)

Donate using the My ChurchSuite app

For instructions on how to donate through the My ChurchSuite app, please click here. You can also give by credit or debit card without the app by clicking the button below.

Donate to us with ChurchSuite

Donate by text

To donate via SMS, send a message to 07380 307 800
Use the keyword: LIFESPRING
Followed by: give
And your amount: £10

This service also allows regular giving, montly or weekly. To do this, simply add /w or /m after the amount you’d like to give. For example: £10/w

You will then be sent a text message with a link to choose the fund for your donation (tithe, offering etc.), choose if you would like to gift aid your donation, and enter your card details.

Using this service does cost 1 standard SMS (text) message, although if free texts are included in your mobile tariff, it will cost 1 free SMS (text) message.

Donate by phone

To donate by card over the phone, call 01902 313121 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Follow this link for a statement of LifeSpring Ministries fund raising and refunds policy.