Our Children's Ministries are created for all children to encounter God, and impact their generations.

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Breastfeeding Room

Chad Lounge (upstairs)

Breastfeeding is very welcome and encouraged in our church, and we appreciate that sometimes mums like a little privacy with their little ones. The Chad Lounge upstairs is open during the Sunday services and has a TV link to the service downstairs so you won’t miss anything.

Parent & Baby Zone

Open room (Downstairs)
Age Range: 0 – 2 Years Old

The area is open from 10am-12pm This area is for the use of parents/careers and babies. 
There is a live stream of the service in the room which will be on at all times, communion will be brought into you, however you are welcome to come in to the auditorium if you would prefer. We love families and children at LifeSpring Church and pray you have a blessed morning with your little ones. Children up to 4 years are welcome to use this space until their own groups if needed.

Ursula Wastall Creche Ministry team leader

Transformer Tots

Nursery Years
Age Range: 2 – 4  Years Old

Transformer Tots starts at 10.45am each week and finishes at 11.45am.
The team build a fun atmosphere and a special time with the children looking at the wonderful world around us created by our Heavenly Father and the joy that he loves to bring his children.

Laura Waldron Preschool Ministry team leader


Transformer Kids

School Years: Reception – Year 6
Age Range: 4 – 10 Years Old

Transformer Kids starts at 10.45am each week and finishes at 11:45am. Our time is centred around our four main core beliefs:
1. God is in a good mood
2. Jesus’ blood paid for everything
3. I am important
4. Nothing is impossible

The mornings are varied including, worshipping whether through singing, dancing or jumping, we want children to be free in their time of worship to their God. Teaching, we try to make teaching interactive, through DVDs games and practical examples of teaching as our heart is for children to understand fully how much God loves them and understand to understand the bible in a way suitable for them. Plenty of fun and games, as well as the more peaceful moments of Holy Spirit encounters, prayer and time to get to know one another.

Laura Waldron Children’s Ministry team leader