As a registered charity LifeSpring Ministries undertakes fundraising to help meet our aims and objectives anywhere in the world. The majority of our fundraising goes towards the general aims and objectives of the charity however we will give clear information about specific project fundraising and how donations are used to fulfill the project. We will use any donations raised in this way for the designated purpose for which they were provided. Should a proposed target not be met or if the fundraising target is exceeded, a statement will be issued on within 14 days of the fundraising end date seeking donor consent for transferring the gift to other LifeSpring Ministries specific projects or our general activities. We will take all steps necessary to comply with the law and sector fundraising practice standards. We keep full records of all donations made and our accounts are published annually in line with the Charity Commissions regulations. We are continuously improving our systems and procedures to manage risk and to provide reasonable assurance against material misstatement or loss. Please ensure you understand and agree with this information before donating. Further information can be found in our complaints procedure and fundraising policy on Thank you.